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Hypothyroidism is an endocrine disorder. It is also called as the low thyroid or the underactive thyroid. In this, Thyroid gland can not produce the enough of thyroid hormone.
The symptoms vary from person to person. A few of common symptoms are given below, however not everyone suffer from all the symptoms.
• Tired feeling
• Constipation
• Weight gain
• Depression
• Decreased ability to tolerate the cold temperature
• Dry Skin
• Difficulty in sleep
• Trouble in concentration
• Weakness of muscle
• The blood tests shows the high TSH and low thyroid hormones i.e. t3, t4
• Autoimmune disease
• Radiation therapy
• PItuitary disorder
• Pituitary gland injury
• Iodine deficiency
• Hypothalamic disease
• Certain medications

Hypothyroidism - Symptoms

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