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Heart Care

Heart is a cone shaped hollow muscular organ, lying in the thoracic cavity in the middle mediastinum between the lungs. It is roughly the size of a closed fist. Its weight is around 280 to 340 gms in men and 230 to 280 gms in women. Heart pumps the blood throughout the body. Heart has 4 chambers, the two upper chambers i.e the atria and the two lower chambers i.e. the ventricles. Heart has 4 valves that control the fow of the blood with in the heart and it's passage to the various parts of the body. The tricuspid valve and the mitral valve that control the flow of blood from atria to ventricles and the pulmonary valve and aortic valve that control the flow of the blood out of the ventricles. The deoxygenated blood is carried by heart to the lungs.
There are many heart diseases. Few of the heart diseases includes;
Coronary artery disease,
Congenital heart disease e.g. obstruction defects, septal defects, cyanotic heart disease
Arrhythmia e.g. bradycardia, tachycardia, premature ventricular contractions
myocardial infarction
DIlated cardiomyopathy
mitral regurgitation
mitral valve disease
hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
pulmonary stenosis
The symptoms depend on the disease condition with which the person is suffering from. The common symptoms include the chest pain, chest discomfort, palpitation of heart,Irregular heart beat
Tips for Prevention from Heart Diseases!

• Control your blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
• Get regular health screening.
• Avoid too much salt and sugar.
• Do regular exercise.
• Manage stress.
• Don’t Smoke.
• Get enough sleep.
• Stay at healthy weight.
• Eat healthy diet.

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