Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to Contact Dr. Harkawal?

A: E-mail :   or  Dial 988 812 3411

Q: Where is Dr. Harkawal's Homoeopathic Clinic?

A: B-23, 6840/1, Ram Nagar, Hargobind Marg, Ludhiana

Q: What are the timings of Dr. Harkawal's Homoeopathic Clinic?

A: Morning 9 AM to 1 PM, Evening 5 PM to 7 PM, Sunday by Prior Appointment Only

Q: Is Homoeopathy safe?

A: Yes. Hundred Percent if the right medicine is given to the patient.

Q: Is Homoeopathy slow acting?

A: No. Of Course not. It is not the Homoeopathic Medicine which is slow, but the disease condition and lots of other factors are there. But We can't say that Homoeopathic Medicine is slow acting. Even We cure many of acute diseases cured within 12 hours or at the most 24 hours.

Q: Do You use Homoeopathic Medicine Only For Treatment?

A:Yes. Homoeopathy and Homoeopathic Medicine Only