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Toothache - Homoeopathic Medicines

Toothache Treatment with Homoeopathic Medicines

Hi Friends. In this Article, We will discuss Something about Toothache Treatment with Homooepathic Medicines. 

In Homoeopathy, We have so many Medicines for relieving the pain. The Medicine varies according to the Symptoms. Different Medicines for different Patients. The Medicines commonly used are; Ant. Crud, Arnica, Belladonaa, Chamomilla, Coffea, Phosphorus, Plantago, Nux Vomica etc.

Ant. Crud: Pain extending up to head. Pains aggravate from cold water and eating something also aggravates Toothache. I usually give this Medicine in 30 Potency. 

Chamomilla: Toothache in case of Chamomilla Patient is very characteristic. Pain after taking cold when in perspiration. Stitching type of pain. Pain is intolerable and usually at night. Pain also aggravate in open air. I usually give this Medicine in 30 Potency. 

Coffea: Coffea again is one of the best medicines to relieve Toothache. In this, Pain is relieved by ice cold water. This Symptom is very important. I have given this Medicine to many Patients having this symptom i.e pain temporarily felt better by ice cold water. Really good remedy. I usually give this Medicine in 30 Potency. 

Phosphorus: This is again a good remedy for Toothache. In this Patient feels pain in tooth from washing clothes, or having hands in warm or cold water. This is very rare symptom. Gums bleed easily. I usually give this medicine in 30 Potency. 

Belladonna: Belladonna is also one of the most frequently used medicines in cases of toothache. In this, pain come suddenly and goes also suddenly. Aggravation at night and after lying down. Along with pain, there may also occur swelling of cheek. I usually give this medicine in 30 Potency. 

Arnica Montana: This medicine is useful after tooth extraction. Very good remedy. It stops the bleeding. help in the healing of gums. Pain while eating. 

Nux Vomica: This medicine is also useful for TOothache aggravated from cold things. Gums swollen, bleeds. I usually give this medicine in 6 potency single dose. 

Plantago: This is also a good remedy for toothache. Toothache. teeth are sore and sensitive even to touch. Pain better while eating. Also very effective in toothache with Reflex neuralgia of eyelids. 

In addition to the above remedies, we have so many other Homoeopathic Medicines for the treatment of toothache. Each medicine has it's own symptoms. 

Consult your Doctor for the Selection of Medicine and the Potency / Dosage. Please Note that You should take proper care of your Teeth. This is very important. You should visit your Dentist atleast every 1-2 months for routine check-up. 

And Kindly be aware that This article is for information purposes only. Just to let you know that Homoeopathy can help you in toothache also, Never take any Medicine at your Own. Always Consult your Doctor before using any Medicine.