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Scabies - Causes, signs and symptoms and Homoeopathic Treatment

Hi Guest. Just Wanted to write a bit about Scabies ( A Skin Infection)

Caused By: 

This is the skin infection caused by a mite called Sarcoptes Scabiei. 
This is generally transmitted by personal contact like sleeping and sitting together.

Signs and Symptoms:

There occurs scattered itchy papules and papulo-vesicles  in the hands, elbow, abdomen, penis shafte and scrotam in male and around nipples in the female.
Itching is present in almost every case.
The nodules may be very irritable and remains for weeks after the scabies is even cured. This takes time.
This may also occur in soles and legs.
Usually face is not involved.
There may also occur Burrows. Burrows usually appear in hands or betwwn the fingers, nipple in female and shaft of the penis in male.
Child may develop burrow on palms and soles.
Consult your Doctor immediately if you get these types of signs and symptoms.


In Homoeopathy We have so many Medicine(s) for Scabies. The Medicine(s) vary from patient to patient based on symptom similarity and ofcourse the totality of symptoms. After properly taking the case We can select the medicine which is most appropriate for that patient. Consult Us For Treatment.
Thanks and Regards
Dr. Harkawal Jeet Singh