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A Brief Introduction - Amenorrhoea, Types, Complications and Homoeopathy

Hi Guest. Just wanted to write a bit about Amenorrhoea.

Meaning of Amenorrhoea:

Amenorrhoea means the absence of menses.

Types of Amenorrhoea:

Amenorrhoea is of two types;
Primary Amenorrhoea and Secondary Amenorrhoea.These are both different.

Primary Amenorrhoea: No menses by 16 years of age.

Secondary Amenorrhoea: The lady is Previously menstruated but now no menses for last 3 months.
So It is very important to know whether it is primary or secondary, so that we can start the appropriate treatment for the same.


Main Complication is Infertility.


Amenorrhoea can be cured with Homoeopathic Medicine(s)
In Homoeopathy We have so many Medicine(s) for the treatment of Amenorrhoea. The Medicine(s) vary from patient to patient based on symptom similarity and of course the totality of symptoms and the cause responsible for Amenorrhoea and more over We have different Medicines for Primary type of Amenorrhoea and different medicines for Secondary type of Amenorrhoea. So  After properly taking the case We can select the medicine which is most appropriate for that patient.
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Thanks and Regards
Dr. Harkawal Jeet Singh